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MAJOR D&D Miniatures Announcement


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Each package contains 3 PC minis: 2 males and 1 female, and 3 unique power cards featuring brand new class powers. All three of the figures in the package will be visible so you’ll know exactly which pack to pick for your game.

emphasis is mine

Sounds to me like someone in upper management is thinking "Hey, all these D&D players are using other companies figures for their PCs! What added 'bonus' can we give them to buy ours instead?"


They did mention they were going to do something in the non-randomized area soon, guess we know what now. And we were right that it would include a price increase. I do think this is a good step for them to take - I'm far more likely to buy packs when I have a better idea of what I'm getting. Though I do wonder what impact it will have on the secondary market.

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Hmmm, look who posted that reply message Scott "I killed Dungeon & Dragon Magazines" Rouse :rolleyes: (one guy I'll never like)


I've been getting the minis but as single purchases & not by buying boosters. Why get 50 farmers when I want something that I really want by buying boosters.


I look at this as a way to save the cash for something else now.


Wizards is really trying hard not to want my cash. Odd for a company that wants you to buy their products, epically in this era of crappy economics.


The powers in the boosters, gee that isn't a money grabbing scheme if I've ever seen one. Lets put these powers in boosters instead of putting them all in a book of their own. Please, I'll pass.


I've gotten most of the everything that Wizards has put out for 4e so far, but I think I'll be goin up to my Wizards dealer today & cancelling the rest of it.


Also, what is up with the 3 males & 1 female in each pack. Yes, the D&D market is dominated by males, but that just sounds goofy to me, epically with all of the Girl Gamer guides & trying to get more women into gaming. Why not just have 3 figures each.




I'll take my cash & go with Reaper & Paizo!!!




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The quality of their minis has steadily been declining ever since the line was managed by that shoe.


Legendary Encounters look so much better - they can beat the very best DDM had to offer, and I have all the very best DDM had to offer.


I believe that the new price points are supposed to reflect a much higher quality.


It'll be interesting to see if Wave 3 hits around the time these non-random character types do.


Pity about the monsters but it gives (potentially) an advantage to Reaper if they can actually get some monsters that people want out the door.

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Nice, never heard that expression before. Yes, for those of us who have been paying attention, they have constantly claimed to be "improving" the quality. All you have to do is look at the last set (those minis above actually ARE an improvement) to have your doubts about that...


...the quality of their minis has steadily been declining ever since the line was managed by that shoe.

While I agree with you, I have to stick up for poor Shoe. WotDQ wasn't bad - it got us the Stirge, even if it was rarer than an actual Rare (and I like the DDM one better than the Reaper Stirges). He also got us a Gelatinous Cube (although I skipped on it). He got us more mounted minis as well (which lots of people requested).


I think his biggest problem was he lost heart in it (you could tell at the DDM 2.0 announcement Q&A he didn't want to be there). If you talked to him outside his "official spokesman" role though (which I got to do at Gen Con '06 and '07), he was pretty animated. I think Shoe's a good guy who just didn't have the power to do what he wanted.


We notice at trade shows where we can monitor buying habits more closely (and through analysis of internet sales) that the purchasers of plastic and metla are rarely the same people

Notice or study? Being one of the "exceptions" you mention, I see a lot of people who hit the middle of your Venn Diagram.


Any numbers you can share?

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I'm glad to see the DDMs being changed to an actual accessory to the D&D RPG as well as the non-blind packs. Wish the monster packs would be completely visible. I really like to see exactly what I'm getting.


Not sure what all the banter about quality is about. There's just no comparison between DDMs and Reaper products, metal or plastic. Not even a factor for me; I accept they are sub-par quality and really it doesn't matter to me on the battle grid. Will strictly be a fiscal decision for me; whoever provides the cheapest mini for what I'm looking to buy will get my money.


Just one of those exceptions here that ReaperBryan noted; I buy both plastic and metal. Cheap plastic whenever I can but willing to drop some coin on nice metal ones now and then.

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