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Halloween Entry 2008

Versutus Vulpes

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What I love: The fantastic basing and the little wolfdude with the pun'kin.


What I like: Frankenhulk, and the ghost's invisibly-held loot bag


What says "Meh": The blending on the ghost's cloak. Is it just the picture? I mean, I would praise most people for your result, but you set the bar pretty high for yourself VV.


I like how the whole piece is morose, yet somehow colourful. Signposts seem to be a trademark for you now - what do you make them out of? Popsicle sticks?


Always great to get to see your latest.

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DFo... curses for you pointing that out!!! (tongue firmly in cheek - you are good for calling it out)


I was using a way wet blend and rushing it... and it started to look a bit streaky - but then I thought I started to like the look of it... In hand it starts to look like worn and tattered cloth.


Or at least that is what I told myself when I was giving up on it.


Oh - and they are coffee stir sticks... handy for signs - and hen houses ;)

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