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LunchBox's WIPs


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Thanks Tre. That one is nice too, but doesn't grab me like that other one...



I know what you mean...there's something about that model...I remember getting it home and staring at it...something about it...


Anyway, thanks for the good words!


I've started another one of Tre's super-limited barbarians. I only have the basecoat, and pre-shading done...so nothing much to look at.

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Hello again...had a great time at Rcon!


Here's a little piece I've been playing with between other projects...it's still WIP, but most of the penguin itself is done. There are a few details that need to be cleaned up, and another detail that I have to figure out how to execute...but I can't say what it is, nor can I show any of the base right now.


(It'll make more sense when you see it completed)



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