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Killer Plants?


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This got me thinking:




We need a good Audry II mini. Heck, a whole killer-alien-plant army would be pretty cool, and as far as I'm aware, unique. Might have to start one for CAV. :ph34r:


These guys might fit the bill. Unfortunately they are resin, but a pretty decent product anyway :)



Craig J. Brain


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www.hydraminiatures.comMatt Beauchamp's Hydra Miniatures has some killer plants available and more coming.




I have some of these, and my only complaint is the size - I found them too small for what I wanted.


However, they make up for that in numbers :)


Craig J. Brain


Matt's stuff is fantastic, I just finished one of the plant warriors, it's pretty spiffy.


I'd forgotten that Ramshackle did killer plants too. Curtis' stuff id brilliant. The boneyard truck is almost too awesome to hold.

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