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Some new paintjobs I did latley


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I like your dusky-skinned take on Damien. The dark and muted palette suggests that he has already delved into shadow-magic.


I would pull out the details on his belt and pouches with higher highlights, to break up the expanse of black -- perhaps make the belt buckle gold, and make the two wands (in the bottom-front pouch on the right side) some other color.


Something looks odd with his left wrist, too, as if the hole in the forearm were not drilled deep enough for the peg of his hand.


Thanks for the show-off,


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These look great.

The Lichqueen is on my todo list and I was confused by all the pieces. Seeing her put together is a great inspiration. (I just know that mine will not look as good as yours.)


I've also got some angel wings in my future, so the Angel of Radiance figure is well timed for me too.


Well done!

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One of the great things about VL's photographs is that he always puts the manufacturer on the bottom of each page.


The lich queen


and the ranger


are indeed both Reaper miniatures


In fact, both are sculpted by Bobby Jackson.

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