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White Whale Miniature.

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i would like a grenadier umber hulk [umber bulk].



Frank, send me a PM. I think I've got two of these unpainted in my collected (in addition to the two painted ones I have). It has always been, hands down, my favorite Umber Hulk sculpt out there. The WotC chainmail one wasn't too bad; I even had it painted up nicely, but ultimately decided to sell it when I got my hands on a couple more of the Grenadier version. I can probably be talked into parting with one. ::D:



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Two just arrived in the mail today!! Woo hoo!! I've scoured the Earth lookin' for a Chainmail Ogre Penitent, and my friend Andy over in England pulls his off of ebay to send it to me, along with and Ogre Delver!!


One off the list.


The OOP Necromunda Gangs that showed up today didn't hurt either!! A good day for pewter, but with the economy tanking, I'm'a have to stop my out of control spending on models and attempt responsible adulthood. Not one of my strong suits.

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