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Reaper Online Store Revision


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I can tell you that Mobile Friendly and Tablet Friendly are foremost in my instructions.  Much of the work I am doing involves a restructure for this purpose.


Most features are being preserved and only modified visually. Some new features are coming, but I'm not sure I'm at liberty to discuss anything that is still in development and has not yet been fully approved, lest it change between now and then.

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I suppose I can tell you that one of the changes I've been working on includes small icons that tell you more information about a particular model. If you do a search for "Elf Archer" you might get hundreds of results. To help you make some informed decisions, then, we need to give you more information that just "what does it look like, who is the sculptor, and how much does it cost" which is what we do now. We have decided to use an icon to indicate whether figure is metal, resin, or plastic, comes pre-painted, and even whether assembly is required.


Some of you might say, "But wait, Bryan*, you can already tell if assembly is required by looking for little red puzzle pieces." To which I might say, "Ah! But what about single-part figures who have bits sprued or tabbed to their bases? Those are not technically multi-part, but assembly is required." So this does that. It also helps with the Multi-part non-pre-assembled Bones, which we do not indicate with puzzle pieces, since the "bits" cannot be purchased.


The material designation icon is increasingly important, as there is so much potential for confusion when you find a whole slew of search results and are not necessarily one of the Forum regulars or veterans.


Voila! assemblyicon.jpg.



EDIT TO ADD: We already have a simple way to tell what each icon means, BTW, so there's a very small learning curve and it's evident to newcomers. Hovering over the icon will bring up a text box explaining the meaning.



*Some of you might not call me by my given name. Some of you might use more colorful terms which I will not reproduce here. Some of you might even be kinder, and shower me with cash, cars, and jewels of various types**.  



**Just putting the idea in your heads in case anybody's highly suggestible.  ::P:

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I think that icon needs work.  Took me more than a bit of staring at the vase to see the two faces.  It might be clearer if the tools were side by side instead of crossed.  Or if they were a more traditional wrench and screwdriver.  If it were me (and I realize it isn't), I'd run them past my mother; because she has no idea about this miniatures stuff.

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Everybody's a critic.  :zombie:


Wrench and Screwdriver were abandoned as concepts early in the design phase, as while they have the benefit of being nearly universal, they also tend to imply the use of two tools you never actually need when assembling a Reaper Miniature.


So we went with Glue and Cutters.  Also, it becomes more evident when, on the actual site instead of the link here, the image has the tooltip that tells you "Assembly Required".  That's dreadfully lacking here.


In a nutshell, if you see it in use and go, What is that? and mouse over it, you'll know what it is. No Puzzling, no worries.  And after seeing it once or twice, it's  distinct from our other icons and becomes very evident to new and veteran users alike.

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Voila! assemblyicon.jpg.


At the risk of being an art critic: this icon looks like pliers and an "olde tyme" oil can.


But based on all the hints in your very interesting Wall of Words I suppose it is intended to be side cutters and glue?


Edit: wow, I got ninja-ed big-time. Still agree with kitchen wolf, this icon could use some work. A black droplet reads as oil, a white droplet might hint at glue more effectively.

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The icon also took me a moment to parse. At first I thought it looked like a bloody wishbone until I figured out the pliers and glue bottle.


Based on the mishaps that can happen during assembly, this is not inappropriate to my mind. ;->

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