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Reaper Online Store Revision

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You appear to be super dangerous with excel.

As it's been a while since I mentioned it, until Reaper can implement a wishlist, Amazon has a wishlist widget that can be used on any webpage. They'll try to match the item with something in their st

So you're saying that a wishlist is on Bryan's wishlist?

Posted Images

Curious, did we not have an online Wiah List at some point?


Would be useful to have, placed another order today but removed several minis as i plan to place an addition order when the x-mas Sophie comes out. Would have been nice to move them over to a Wish List instead of deleting.


unless i overlooked it?

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I made this mistake a few years ago when I generated this massive wishlist in the Reaper store and it wanted me to buy all of them when I went to place an order. I would love to see a wishlist from which you can move figures to a shopping cart and only buy the few you can manage in your budget at the time.

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