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Reaper Online Store Revision


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Noted. That's on my list. When I get some spare time from all of the Kickstarter systems and programming..


I know how lacking time feels all too well. Out of curiousity, what language? :)



Dibbler, what I do is log in (to the main page, not the forums) and add stuff to my cart. The site saves it until you clear your cart or place an order. It works as a temporary wishlist, you just may want to write down your wishlists you aren't purchasing that time (so as to add them back once your order is placed).



P.S. Are you, by any chance, related to Disembowel-meself Honorably Dibhala? ;)


Tho, I was not logged in and wondered why my cart wouldnt keep checked in...


Guess which series I'd been reading before choosing a new internet-nick ;)



Amazon's wishlist extension for Chrome is very useful for this as well


Will look into! :)


I usually have a text document saved onto my desktop with my Reaper wishlist.


Really good idea, possibly other miniature stuff as well, I have a bad tendency of forgetting interesting sites.

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Hello, in the past few days I've been adding/removing minis from my shopping list to build a collection. My idea was to export the list on excel to keep track of the minis I've bought.


The little problem is I can't find the "export" button anymore. Am I blind or it's been removed?

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I would love it if the Reaper Online store had a wish list function. Right now, when I browse through the store trying to decide if I'm going to buy something, I put it into my cart. Then might leave it in my cart for oooohh... a month or so, before either deciding to buy it now, or deleting it to buy it later.


I would love it if there was some way as I was clicking through all the back stock for me to save things to a wish list, and maybe select an arbitrary number that went along with how much I wanted it. So the next time I had ready and available cash I could snatch up a few things I have been wanting. This would also allow me to dig through my back stock and check it against my wish list so then my husband would know what things I wanted that are not duplicates, so he could buy me presents without trepidation.


I am sure Kit has like 10 million other projects he could be working on.. but that is just something I keep looking for on the website.


Thanks for listening!!

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I use my Amazon wish list to track pretty much anything I want. You can download an "add to wishlist" extension for most browsers and you will be able to add any item to your Amazon wishlist. My wishlist now has minis from Reaper, Redbox, Heresy, Hasselfree, Darksword and Guild of Harmony jsto name a few. Plus when Christmas or my birthday rolls around, other people buy me minis! It's a win all the way around.

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I have been trying to use the Amazon wishlist feature (you can add stuff not available on Amazon), but I haven't gone all in on it yet.


For paints, I have an Excel Doc with my collection and another tab with the paints I want next (mostly to fill out triads).

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What if Reaper made a wishlist category for forum users? Maybe right under the Off Topic category. Users could just make their own thread and use the edit post function to add or remove links to the stuff they want or have bought. We could also have a separate paint post. Heck, we could use one post for minis to buy, another for paint to buy, minis owned, and paint owned. It wouldn't be perfect but it might be serviceable for some people and it probably wouldn't take much work for Reaper to set it up.


I use notepad to keep track of the stuff I already own organized by product number. It keeps me from buying duplicates, but I like the idea of having hyperlinks in an organized list if no real wishlist feature is available.

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