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Color Equivalencies

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I'm trying to paint some USMC zombies in their Desert MARPAT color scheme.  I know the colors and their RGB values.  Is there any way to match them to appropriate Reaper Paints?  I've tried using the Power Pallet but I can't get consistent results.


In any case, here is my data:


HIghland 480 

R 104 

G 82 

B 64


Light Coyote 481


G 124

B 108


Urban Tan 478

R 157

G 140

B 133


Light Tan 479 

R 180

G 166

B 160



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Well, I think I answered my own question.  


I can't remember the last time I actually used MS Paint for anything, but I opened it up and used the RGB values I had to create a custom palette.  I then used the bucket tool to make swatches that I uploaded into the Power Palette tool.  For those who are interested, here's what I wound up with:


Highland 480 (FS 20090) - Brown Sand 09246

Light Coyote 481 (FS 20220) - HD Dirty Grey 29835

Urban Tan 478 (FS 20270) - Dusky Skin HIghlight 09252

Light Tan 479 (FS 23330) - Weathered Stone 09087


And, I actually have one of them!  (you gotta appreciate the little things  ::D: )

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