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I believe that one thing David did not say in his posts on this is that most of the paints he brought in were old formulations, some even with taped on labels. From this information it is very evident to me that his initial set was quite old. Whiz, I'm sorry that you and your friends appear to be having problems with the MSP's. Is there a reason you haven't contacted me about any of this? I do like to know if painters are having issues; it's my job to fix those issues. This is the first I have heard of any recent problems with the paints. Reaper currently has no issues with any of the current batches of paints in the MSP line and to my knowledge we haven't had a bad batch for months, if not a year at this point. Many of the paints which exhibited the last set of thickening issues are now discontinued. If there are paints you got as replacements which still are bad, those are the kind of things I NEED to know about. If I don't know, there's no way I can fix it...I use our paints daily, but there can still be problems that slip by me with colors I don't normally use.


The only thing I can do is encourage anyone who has issues to contact myself or Reaper so that we can exhibit the kind of great customer service we love to give. ::): We have yet to refuse to replace any paint which does not meet with customer satisfaction.



p.s. the only other thing I can think of with thickening or clumping with more recent paint is either paint frozen in transit during the winter months or the fact that some additives seem not to like the MSP's.

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Actually, I would love for you to bring it up to Reaper, that way I can play with it and see if I can figure out what is wrong! ::D: We have not had a report of bad primer before these, perhaps it is a batch issue...when/where did you guys pick those bottles up, d'you remember?



jeesh it's been awhile since I got that one :huh: , but more then likely I got it from miniaturemarket.com, as most (probably 90%) of my game stuff purchases are online. Also probably around the time it was released as well, but like I said it's been awhile.


Other then the watery effect to the primer, the only RMS paint I've had bad issues with was Marigold Yellow (that one was pretty nasty), but I've since replaced that one. Even the taped on black never gave me problems.



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Whiz, I'm sorry that you and your friends appear to be having problems with the MSP's. Is there a reason you haven't contacted me about any of this?


Hi Anne -- There isn't any reason that I haven't contacted you other than I just haven't bothered to take the time before now in this thread. I'm over it and have simply returned to my Vallejo for the most part. Other painters in my area have done the same. They use Vallejo for blues and grays and Reaper for other colors.


Please understand I'm only posting to give you a heads up. Be aware that either people are still getting old paint in my area or else there still remains a problem with your current formulas. For my part, I was displeased with the paint I received in exchange and I don't use it. The blues were still inferior to Vallejo and I've since discovered that some of the grays are worse than I recall.


But as I say... I just moved on and didn't bother making an issue of it as I didn't want to be trouble and didn't want to bother. I was moved to say something recently mainly because I had the energy and the topic had come up again. ::P: Prior to that, I either refrained to keep from ranting in my ire or else just didn't feel like bothering.


Anyhow... just heads up. That's all. ::):

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