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02964: Cretus, Minotaur

Versutus Vulpes

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Well - currently on my workbench I am hammering away at:


03253: Jungle Girl with Sabre Tooth Tiger


03105: Scorpion Man


I also have a bunch of pirates and the like from reaper on the on-deck circle, and a few other non-reapers (a Confrontation Wolfen Prowler, some other Confrontation minis - some Klocken booty) primed up and ready to go. Instead of stacking cords of wood for the long cold Canadian winter - I stock up primed minis :poke: .


So - hopefully - I'll be able to throw something up here sooner rather than later.


Cheers, and thanks for looking.

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Thanks again all for the comments.

The base from the ground up:


Block of wood from an old steak knife block - sawed down, sanded and stained.

Rigid pink foam - mauled and beaten with love and dedication. Painted with acrylic paint. (As a heads up - don't spay paint rigid foam - it melts (old lesson - but I thought I'd point it out).

Woodland Scenic's turf

Some Birch seed pod leaves

Woodland Scenic's long grass (Deer hair IIRC)

Some GW Dwarf bits - axe and shield.


As for the Metallics - I went with a mid tone silver (silver and brown and blue liner) then layered thin straight silver on the sharp edges for highlights. Washed with brown, blue and violet liner for shadows and depth - then repeated thin glazes of rust brown (bestestestest stuff EVAR!!!!)


Muscles - I went with repeated thin layers highlights and shadows to make the transitions as smooth as possible.


My favourite bits (if I may be so bold) is his pink nose and the greenstuffing I did for his head.


Thanks again for looking.

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Been a while since I've prolwed the board so I had to revive this for you VV.

This guy looks great! I really like how you did his skin and the colors you used. Overall its spot on dude.


Excellent work on the base as well, you put a lot of work into it and it shows.

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