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Froggy the Great

Abduction on the Ice River Canyons of Thraxt

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I wrote this scenario for the game "Fantastic Worlds by Rattrap Productions - my curreng gaming obsession. I got to play it last night. It was a blast, ending in a quite literal cliffhanger. I'm posting it here because I think it's cool, I think you guys are cool, and cool people get to see cool things.


This will probably make more sense if you read the scenario first.






















...and I hit the forums' image limit. Continuing in a new post...

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Oh, man. My wife and I have been wanting to start a game, and now I know that it has to feature a sea of ice floes. Or a lake, or river, or something. Thanks!


I think I recognize that rippled blue sheet as something I already have, too. Veeeeeery nice.

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ok, so you moved the waterfall sheet as the game progressed - were you rotating the ice floes too, or am I just seeing lots of floes and mixing them up?


Starting from the waterfall and moving upstream, each floe was moved 4" and rotated a quarter turn - I just alternated directions unless the floe had models on it, was next to a floe that had models on it, or would hit a model - in that case I spun a D10 to randomize the direction.

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