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My first diorama


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Hi all,


I've not finished anything for a while (damn you World of warcraft !!) but I;ve just finished this, this afternoon, and thought I'd like to get peoples opinions. This is going to be a christmas present for my dad (cause he likes lord of the rings) and I've been working on it in pieces of the last few months (damn you world of warcraft) until a final paniked rush over the last two days (damn you, world of warcraft ::(: )


Sorry about the amount of pictures :blush:, couldn't decide which one to use, so here's some from different angles and what not. I know its not great, and could do with loads of improvements, but critiques are more than welcome (the more brutally honest the better) Of course, comments and praise would be nice too ::D::unsure:


Enough waffle, pics:


post-4993-1230047248_thumb.jpg post-4993-1230047282_thumb.jpg

post-4993-1230047293_thumb.jpg post-4993-1230047312_thumb.jpg


post-4993-1230047339_thumb.jpg post-4993-1230047351_thumb.jpg

post-4993-1230047365_thumb.jpg post-4993-1230047376_thumb.jpg

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This is great stuff. I would only quibble over the lack of color in the Lord of the Nazgul, and because the severed head of his fell beast is similarly monochromatic.


As a suggestion, you might make the severed head bloodier and more obviously made of flesh; it looks a bit mechanical now. Should its armor be shinier? You could also make the Nazgul's sword and mace shinier and more colorful, or otherwise distinguish him from the things he holds. A few bright white highlights could zap up the Nazgul's trimmings and crown, while retaining the spooky otherworldness you've got going.

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Thanks for all the replies and pointers and what not (sorry, I'm a little rushed at the mo)


I agree with you all.


just to set the records straight as it seems (at least how I read some of the comments) that this was taken as my own design/imagination which created this - alas, no. This was actually the diaroma set from GW titled 'The fate of the Witch King - No Man can Kill Me'


Gotta go just a quick visit tonight to straighten that out....

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