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Recycled Terrain Bits

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A few found-item terrain bits I just wanted to share & offer up for critique. A storage tank and some atmospheric processors! The processors are food containers from my local Chinese food place and some spindles I liberated from the trash at work. The tank is an Advil bottle on a non-slotted spindle.






Now I have two identical storage tanks! Now all I need is to keep driving my wife crazy with talk of little metal men and I bet she’ll rifle through another Advil bottle in no time! :lol:




Comments welcome!

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Great use of found items. I find the plastic inserts in all kinds of food packaging and electronics ideal for futuristic looking buildings in different scales. If you get a thin piece of plastic and are worried about it getting crushed, using a can of spray-in expanding foam insulation helps fill it. Just spray, and trim the excess. I'd recommend trying to use as much of the can as possible because the tip often clogs up and you only get one use.

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