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Fire Sorceress


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Yes, a Fire Sorceress. In a winter contest. I can't help it, it was the only Reaper mini I still had... and as it was lying around way too long already I decided to paint it in a cold color scheme. I hope it's a bit credible, all comments are welcome!







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Thanks for the kind words!


The colors I used for the skin: VGC Steel Grey, VGC Electric Blue, VGC White and Burgundy from Pegasus Farben (a German brand). I mixed the first three to a pale grey shade, highlighted up to white and shaded with glazes of the steel grey and burgundy.

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Excellent idea to do something unexpected with the figure -- and then excellent execution of the idea! Beyond the overall smooth brushwork and the color palette, I especially like the subtle flourishes of colors in the staff, the cool treatment of the skin, and the details on the pouches/bottles.


I've painted this figure, and I didn't remember the little gargoyle-dragon's tail being so prominent, but then I realized that you removed the strands that trail from her sleeves to the base, so now the tail hangs by itself. Nice subtle conversion!


Her hands confuse me a bit, as I'm not sure whether she is wearing gloves. The color of the hands is very close to that of the rest of her skin, but the fingernails aren't delineated (while the toenails are).


Her hair looks a little too warm to me, compared to the rest of the figure, but the blue background might be throwing off my perception. Perhaps working more purple or blue into the shadows would cut the saturation and unify it with the skin.


The flame atop the staff is ambiguous, too: I see it as a flame-shaped solid object, rather than fire. I would expect a fire to be brighter than the solid object next to it, to have its lightest color at the base (not at the top) of the flames, and not have shadows in the recesses of the form.


Thanks for sharing, as always,


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@ dks: you exactly named the things I wish I had more time to work on...

1. the hair. It is too warm indeed. I was afraid it would end as one big grey mass, but this is not as I intended either.

2. the gloves. Because of the size of the right hand I decided to paint them as gloves. IRL the gloves are more different from the skintone, but I could have done better.

3. the flames. I was a bit confused I guess with the flames on a winter themed model... so that's what I painted last. I didn't mean to paint them as a light source (didn't have the time at all to paint OSL :blush: ). Then I made a huge mistake and painted them bright green (as in really bright bile green) which was horrible, so I covered it up with blue and felt she had to be finished.


So all in all there are some things I quite like, but some areas could have had more attention. If only a day had 48 hours...

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