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I think the new line of P 65 miniatures is a fantastic idea. I think it would be better to focus on basic troop types though, like the troop packs from Warlord. The prices of single minis from Reaper are fantastic when compared to single minis from other companies, but troop packs are very expensive compared to other companies. A pack of 9 troops from Reaper costs $40. For that price I can get 16 plastic troops from GW, or 24 metal troops from Old Glory's Dwarf Wars line. Being able to get 9 troops from Reaper for around $20 would be much more reasonable.

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But seriously. The faces on a few of the new figs look strange.




65002 : Jade, Dancing Girl - eyes are huge

65003 : Melisande Wavecutter, Pirate - Nose is tiny

65013 : Arethusa, Nereid - Seriously? she should be falling over LOL


I guess I shouldn't critasize. I can't sculpt!

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Sorry, Maltique, but the P-65 models are all the same sculpts that we use in our Dark Heaven Legends line, except cast in a Heavy Metal (Yes, this means with a high lead content) and with "P-65" engraved on the bottom so you can identify which models are "heavy". If the sculpts are a little "funny", they've always been that way.


65013: Arethusia was originally 02892:Arethusia (in DHL)

65003: Melisande was 02859: Melisande

65002: Jade was 02749: Jade


As for which models go in the pack, it's a factor right now of testing the market, to see what the public wants to have in P-65. What we're also finding is that cost savings on multi-pack models (like army packs, or in the case of one that's already out, the Townsfolk packs) is not as high as it is for traditional single models. We can certainly examine the army packs for the line.

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