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Kahn and friends

Don Rodolfo Graziani

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Hey all,


Just wanted to post the finished Kahn and several other CAVs I've been working on

this month. First, though, I thought I'd start with a stroll down recent memory lane.

I bought most of my CAVs when they first came out but I couldn't paint them because

I had a huge number of figures in the queue and I was, frankly, intimidated by the

thought of painting them up "right."



This was my first unit painted in 2005. Pretty rough and not well shaded or highlighted.



Painted for ReaperCon '06. The style of camo is set, based on one of the Luftwaffe patterns.

It's still rough but getting a touch better.


Now here's the new gang for '08. I'm pretty happy with the freehand but the rest could still

use more work. That and the photo's show more touch ups are still needed. :blush:



post-4697-1230691182.jpg post-4697-1230691248.jpg

The Kahn and a kit-bash I threw together in '05 'cause I thought it looked cool.


post-4697-1230691256.jpg post-4697-1230691264.jpg

I used the Thug main body for a Duelist. I really like that hull style. The Rhino is from the

first release. I'd get the newer, larger one but then mine would look "puny" next to it. :lol:



The ubiquitous group shot.



And completely gratuitous back shot. ::):


As always, comments, criticism, and weapons fire welcome.

I'm hoping to paint the rest of my CAVs before the next Reapercon, but I doubt I'll make it.




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Thanks, merc. ::):

Actually, I was never sure how to paint the cockpits so I looked through the painted gallery

and went from there. Though I just saw that tutorial on jeweled cockpits. Pretty darn cool.

Of course, now I can't paint future CAVs with jeweled cockpits as they'd look out of place next

to these. :lol:

Ah well.

Now, where'd I put those tanks?



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Thanks Darzoni

The scheme uses way too many RMS paints, which is just about typical for my stuff. :lol:

The main body is:

Creamy Ivory, highlighted to white

Yellowed Bone

Stained Ivory

Tanned Leather

The camouflage is:

Rust Brown

Chestnut Brown

Mahogany Brown

The guns are:

True Silver

Tarnished Steel

Blackened Steel


The ground is:

Desert Sand

Desert Khaki

Dune Shadow

The cockpit is:


Misty Grey

Cloudy Grey

Stormy Grey

Bright Red and Sunlight Yellow round out the markings.

Now if I can only figure out how to eliminate the huge spaces on this post. :blink:


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