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What have you accomplished in 2008


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I painted 31 models to comprise an Ogre Kingdoms army. Even though I decided to sell it (last batch goes out tomorrow), I got a lot from the enterprise. For all but the flesh and hair, I used RMS paints and learned a lot about them. On characters and gorgers, I practiced blending and glazing. Before I had painted lots and lots of Wood Elves, so I wanted experience with other colors, which I got painting the striped pants.


From January to March, before the Ogres were started, I painted 33 Eternal Guard. So yeah, I got a lot done, over 60 models painted to a high standard. In the fall of 09 I hope to return to school because you can never have too many degrees. That'll cut back on painting pretty seriously, so I hope to really crank some out between now and then. This summer I will take full advantage of being a teacher and paint myself blue, well, figuratively blue.

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I would take those 5 GreyHorde, my 2 weren't even that good...


I can't take a pic of one of them, it was for an exchange (VERY late), and the other is poor tabletop quality, it was a conversion for a SWSE game that was canceled (never did get back around to touching it up after the campaign ended)...

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Thanks, all! ::D: I looked at your blog and galleries, Sarge - very nice! Biker Chick Sophie is still my favorite, though. And those 6mm minis - dem is teeny! Great stuff. I look forward to seeing more posts and photos out here.

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I'd have to check, but I think I only finished a few figs (less than 20) in 2008, and most of those were touching up and basing stuff that had been 90% completed for several years.


On the other hand, I trimmed, assembled and primed at least the following:

210 Orks

12 Deffkoptas

1 dread

40 Marines

11 Leman Russ tanks

1 Predator

3 Rhinos

2 Terminus Land Raiders

1 Razorback

60 Imperial Guard

6 Guard heavy weapons teams

1 Chimera

1 Hellhound


and that's off the top of my head. I know I got a bunch of CAV stuff to the primer stage (another 60 models, I think, plus 30-40 infantry bases), and some FoW stuff from NIB to partial paint.


For 2009, I plan to not buy as much (yarite!) and try to paint stuff and solve my stowage and transport problems.

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Well. Lets see... I would suspect 50 figures and 3 vehicles. I also entered every contest at my two FLGSs, and took some first places. Best Army(40K), Best Single Figure(40K), Best single unit (40K), and I am pretty proud that I made the cut into the public voting for the Reaper Halloween Contest. I also had my Ork Truk published in Bell of Lost Souls "Macharian Crusade." Mind you this was accomplished while attending school, and having a pregnant wife. This year my only goal is to have at least one entry per category at Reaper Con.

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Managed around 40-50. Mostly for our aming club. Unfortunately i havn't had chance to pick up a brush since November, if not before that. Humph! Hoping to get back in the saddle again soon. Got a game looming needing figs. Have to get a batch ready for that.


Got to get house straight again , post-hols! :down:

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