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What have you accomplished in 2008


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I'd just be impressed with anyone who can keep track of how many miniatures that they aquire throughout the year. Some of us are like squirrels with amnesia, constantly losing and accidentially uncovering their acorn stashes. :lol:

The sort of personality that lends itself to obsessive painting is also the sort that lends itself to obsessive bookkeeping, but only in areas where it doesn't matter.

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The score for the year


7 15mm WWII Afrika Korps PzKfw IIIJ heavily converted and painted to contest level (1st Place winners)

6 15mm WWII PzKfw VIE (Tiger I) painted to contest level (2nd place winners)

14 28mm fantasy (mostly dwarves) painted to contest level (I had one honorable mention out of this lot and there are several commissions in there)


30 15mm WWII German vehicles of various types

152 15mm WWII German infantry

200 15mm Ancients Carthaginian Inf

40 15mm Ancients Carthaginian Cavalry

300 15mm Napoleonics British Infantry

100 15mm Napoleonics British Cavalry


That's most of what I painted in 2008

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The sort of personality that lends itself to obsessive painting is also the sort that lends itself to obsessive bookkeeping, but only in areas where it doesn't matter.


I think I've found my new favorite quote.


As for what I've accomplished:

Bought a new camera so I can finally take semi-decent pictures of the minis!

A whole bunch of goblins for an upcoming RPG

4 space ships from Ninja Magic

2 Pathfinder Iconics

6 speedpainted minis while at GenCon (I even managed to win one of the finals!)

Several sci-fi figures that were meant to be part of a Serenity game that never happened

Several figures that finally made it off the Shelf of Shame.


And a goal to actually take stock of what I paint so that I can actually say on December 31, 2010, "I have painted more pewter than I purhcased!"



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Here's the group shot. Most of these have been posted here before. I also painted one or two minis this year that were given away.




Okay, it's not that many, but I think it's a record for me for stuff painted in a year. :)

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Jen, what are those little boat-things? I've never seen those.




As for me...


Let's see...I have at least a dozen minis primed that I didn't even own before, several dozen primed that have been primed for a year or more, and near a hundred in blisters on the wall, many of which were not there last january.


I think the fact that those blisters are on the wall is an accomplishment for '08, since I mounted the pegboard.


I started painting (not just primed, but actual pretty colors) something like two dozen.


I actually finished at least five and no more than ten, if my mental timeline is running right.


And then there's the dragon, which is something like Talespinner's saga with Cinder, except it's Verocithrax, and I haven't been nearly as awesome about making a WIP, and my paintjob likely won't look nearly as spectacular as his. But that started in '08.


And I helped build a few pieces of HirstArts terrain.


Not my best year, but I've already finished 3 minis this year, so things are looking better!

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Here are my three for 2008.




I've had the rack sitting around primed for about a 2 years, the Basilisk I base coated the skin on just before I deployed in the fall of '05 and the Well of Doooooom had been sitting waiting for the calamari to be painted since sometime in '03. What can I say, I worked on resolving some unfinished business last year.


This year should hopefully be better. I've got 23 minis nearing completion, so as long as I can avoid the fickle finger of fate, I'll blow last years number out of the water.

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Addendum: there is a mini-related reason I didn't paint much in '08 - I bought a collection of miniatures at an estate sale. Included were 80+ dragons and 150+ loose fantasy minis, pieces & bits. The dragons ranged in condition from New in Shrink to painted in dioramas to broken/useless, and all points between. I spent a lot of time sorting, identifying, organizing, stripping primer & paint and prepping about half of it for sale or eBay. I also added a few more pieces to fill in gaps in collections, complete sets and replace broken/lost pieces.


I opened an eBay store and sold about a third of the dragons, so that was a big time-sink, too. Roughly a quarter are yet to be listed and the rest I will keep. That is, if my daughter will allow me to sell any more. :rolleyes: It seems every one she sees me working on is her favorite and wants keep it so she can paint it, or so I can paint it for her. Some day. ::): Most of the loose minis have been absorbed into my collection, bits boxes, etc., but some may be lumped together and sold. Haven't really decided, yet.


So, while I technically fell much further behind on the 'paint more than buy' scale, it doesn't bother me because I've broken even, cost-wise. Completing a collection of dragons I started many years ago was a lot of fun, plus I learned a lot about the business of an eBay store. It's all minis, so it's all good. :B):

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I haven't posted a pic since February, I think. Truth is, I get way more terrain work done than I do minis painted. So I'll post group photos of minis on some of my favorite terrains from this year and show off all the minis I actually managed to complete (but only about half the terrains). I wind up with little time to devote to actual painting, so there is rarely anything of mine that is better than table-top, but I am happy enough with these, and am really happy with my terrains.


Below are Jack Hammer, P.I., and a Daphne look-alike on a cruddy street that served in one RPG as a take-down area for a bounty, and in our Silent Hill game as... well, Silent Hill. Below these two Sean (Hammer's assistant) checks out a high-powered business woman. At the bottom are a Sandman-like creature, well-armed (basically the clay golem with some GW guns), and a couple chainsaw thugs from Spinespur, who chased Hammer and his compatriots all over New Jersey while they searched for the Jersey Devil.




Next is a better shot of the thug from the left, a closeup of the sandman, and a group shot showing off the whole terrain. As you can see, I like my terrains gritty.




Great stuff here man! I must have missed it when you posted. I really like your moderns. The "Morebucks" coffee sign is a great touch.

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Well, I managed to fall off the planet in 2008...Sanael and I finally cleaned off the paint table about a week ago and have rediscovered all things pewter with gusto.


It took me a while to remember which ones belonged, but here's my class of 2008--a grand total of six minis! :wacko:



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