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Retun from a hiatus!


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Well, it's been at least six months, I think, since I painted anything seriously...so here are the results of a sudden flurry of brushstrokes. Neither piece is my best work, but given that each of them represent apx. 4-hr paintjobs, which is pretty fast for me at any time, I'm pleased.


Now, why is Elori's skin so acne-ridden in that close-up? I did dust the mini before painting her, so it probably just means I've forgotten how to thin properly. Yay for relearning an atrophied skill!


As always, C&C are completely welcome!



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thanks for the replies, folks!


Jabber, I've actually been pleased with how the "flow" has come back now that I've painted a few up...but the first couple definitely had their frustrations!


Thanks for the kind words, Darzoni. I was really happy with Elori's eyes, too.


Inarah, I'll see if I can put up a back view and maybe a brighter front view of Elori for you. It's hard to tell in the above pic, but her cloak is actually green!

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