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And she's finally done!


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So I needed Finari for a game we were playing some time ago...she was to represent my PC, a fiery cleric by the name of Joanna "Hospice" Malthien. I started the mini, then became imbroiled in rehearsals, then holiday retail, and haven't actually played that game since basecoating the mini.


BUT, I did post some questions about color choices and the like in the Painting Tips forum, and Anne and Derek were kind enough to give me some fantastic pointers, so it seems a shame to have just left her sitting on the shelf. So, with my six-or-so-month hiatus from painting over with and two quick minis under my belt, I decided to dust her off and finish her out.


All in all, I'm pretty happy with her. Not my usual quality, I think, but not bad after not picking up a brush for a while. And, of course, since I haven't painted in a loong time, I wanted to do some freehand, so I'm glad the fireball came out pretty OK (and the one on her shoulder looks pretty close to the one on the shield, so that's good, too!).


C&C always welcome.




Joanna's a cleric in a Ptolus game, so the fireball emblem is what I imagine the symbol of Inurath to be...her domains are Fire and War. In the photos, it's hard to tell, but I tried to make it look like she's standing over the fresh grave of a fallen comrade, marked only with his sword and shield.

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