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Hey guys, figured I would stop in and say Hi and give some update. RL has gotten kinda strange lately, but hopefully it will be evening out at some point.


Biggest news is I got married on December 20th in New Orleans. Here is a link to the photo album shot by the wedding people Wedding


A couple of my favorite shots (I like the B&W) Click the image for bigger pics.






Yes I am wearing a Lovecraft bowling shirt, actually me and the best man are.


For those of you that remember, I lost one cat this year, but later on we were at a pet store and found this guy up for adoption from a rescue place.






Needless to say he moved right in like he owned the place.


As far as minis go, I really haven't done much with them, been trying to do more of my illustration work, as I really want to try to make a run of making that my career.

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Good to see you back. Congrats.


Similar to what you've been doing with illustration, I've been spending a lot more time the last 3 months with photography. I haven't been at Games Plus as much as before.

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Congrats on both the marriage and the fuzzy friend ::D: Now get back in chat, you!


... of course, I should perhaps login there myself a little more often to make sure you're there too!

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