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Ideas for later waves

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The line looks great so far, and the newer pieces are very welcome (LOVE the giant rats!).


More PC types would be a big help for me, since I've realized that I lack a few iconic ones. I'd like to see a barbarian as well as a 'Gandalf' style wizard.


There are a ton of great Warlord pieces to choose from as well. I'd personally love to see a prepainted version of Kristianna, Crusaders Warlord:




I'd also love to see the Mantis Demon:




Oh, and a Chimera:




Really, there are too many to post here. :B):

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Love the LE stuff so far, especially the stuff like the Rats (Yes! Rats that aren't 3 bucks EACH!), and the Skeletons and Orcs. Maybe I just like packs of things... Either way, I figure I'll toss in my own few suggestions to the lot


A wolf, or a pack of them, would be cool. I know DDM has their own, by variety is the spice of life.



Some lesser demons of some sort would be awesome aswell.





Maybe some more exotic PC races?








Or maybe just a nice pack o leaping lizards.



Also, while I was looking around for stuff, I was trying to pick out things that looked like they could be cast in plastic rather easily. I am not an expert on casting that way, but I have an idea for about what the process might be, and figure the easier to cast, the better.


EDIT: A little addendum.

For some reason I really quite like the pose and sculpt of this model here, and think it'd be cool. Also could work to help balance out the gender ration for the PC figs, and add a barbarian. :)


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Howdy! I just joined the board today, and I thought I'd share my wishes for LE minis, and what I use plastic figs for. I play a very simple version of D&D with my 5 year old daughter. Plastics are a GODSEND for parents with kids! I don't worry so much about my oldest eating figs, but I do worry about her 2 year old sister who might! As far as my wishlist goes it like this, and in no particular order:



Female PC's of all races!

Dungeon Dressings


giant snakes

A leader type figure for skeletons, Orcs, and goblins


Well those are my wish list figs. Honestly the townsfolk figs would be nice too, but I don't need them as bad.





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Hey NorthTroll, there are 3 DDM owlbears already, you still want more? Some of your other ideas I like; townsfolk for sure, giant snakes, dungeon dressings... :)

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I would also like to see Towns folk of all types. city guard\militia, bandits, tavern patrons, and shop keepers. Merchant carts would also be very helpful.


The staple monsters encountered in hoards in a DnD game. Orcs, goblins, Skeletons, zombies, gnolls, bugbears, zombies, ghouls, etc.


Furniture and furnishings would also sell very well. Right now there are very few options that are available short of making it yourself or shopping Ebay hoping to get what you want.


As a dungeon master that relies on mini's and terrain and has to furnish, make, paint everything myself, having inexpensive options that are functional are my main concern. The cost of metal mini's and time paining reduces the practicality for a lot of NPC\monsters.


This was my post from Oct 2009 and I still have a need for bulk mini's and town people.


For the most part I have all the player characters and main non-player characters in metal mini's that i've taken the time to paint as I feel main pieces should be to add depth to the game. I also plan on buying more metal mini's as needed to flesh out the main story as needed.


Being able to buy the commonly encountered monsters, town people of all types, and furniture\items inexpensively and in BULK would make my games so much better.


Right now i'm using pennies, nickels, and dimes anytime I have more than 4 orcs ambushing a merchant cart. The merchant cart is made from Lego's since I can't find a suitable mini.


Inside taverns and on city streets I can't adequately represent the hustle and bustle without using random monster mini's as town folk. I also have to keep detailed notes depending on the encounter of "who is who" ie. orc w\sword is the shop keeper, the goblin is a beggar, etc.


Honestly, if I could get a bag similar to the "little green army men" of orcs, skeletons, townfolk, and furniture I would be happier than a dwarf at a buffet with free ale.

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