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A Huge Favor for Dark Sword Miniatures


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Heya all. Jim Ludwig of Dark Sword Miniatures is in a horrible way right now and requested me to make a post to garner some prayers for his little three-month-old daughter. She stopped breathing and went into cardiac arrest at her daycare and is now in the hospital on a breathing machine. Here is an excerpt from Jim's email to me:


"If you and the good folks at Reaper and on your REaper boards could pray for our daughter I would be thankful.


The outlook is dire and even if she makes it through, the brain damage to our little 3 month old might be too much...please ask for people to pray for her."


I know that many of you are fans of Dark Sword and the work Jim has done with the company to immortalize the work of the classic D&D artists in metal. Whether you're religious or not, if you could send at least a hope, a wish or a prayer winging little Lillian's way right now I know it would be appreciated.


Thanks all,



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I can NOT imagine what Jim and his Wife must going through right now. ANYTHING happening to your child is the most horrible soul crushing thing that can ever take place in a person's life. I will certainly pray for her Jim, and for you and your wife as well.


Dear God help that baby. Please keep us up dated. I very sincerely wish there was something more I could do to effect the situation positively.

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