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Vince just told me the news. Please let them know they are all in our prayers, we are sorry this unfortunate thing has happened to her especially at such a young age. This kind of thing does and can happen to small children, newborn to toddlers and most come out fine. We pray that she did not lose much oxygen in her brain and that she comes out of this soon and stays healthy for the rest of her life. May the Angels watch over her.


Our love and prayers,

-Terri Billen aka WaferChickie, Ellie and Vince

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Heya all. I am very sorry to have to pass on the bad news. Jim's little daughter Lillian has passed away. He asked me to get in touch with everyone and keep y'all up to date; he just didn't have the energy. Please feel free to pass the word along to friends and community. Jim and his wife could sure use some good thoughts and prayers right now.


Below is the transcript of the email I received this morning with the details. He sent pics, too; I'll try to get some of those linked to. She was a beautiful little girl.





"Hello Anne - please update the Reaper Boards and the other painters for me as I am too drained to.


Lillian left this world holding the hand of God at 8:41 pm CST tonight. She peacefully died in our arms as we talked to her telling her how much we love her and how amazing our exactly 100 days to almost the minute were before she had her incident at Daycare.


She then held on for 3 long days as a last gift to us so we could say our goodbyes and let our friends/family say their goodbyes. She was such a little trooper trying to breathe on her own and fight through this. She just could not breath enough to sustain herself on her own after the brain damage. There were glimmers of hope here and there, but the damage to her brain was so devastating from the initial daycare incident, all of her upper brain functions were gone.


Melissa and I will never be the same as sharing our brief time with Lillian has changed us forever. They were the most amazing days of our lives and also the most devastating at the end. Please see the attached pics we took the night before the incident (some are a tad older). She was so happy and so talkative. She was the same the morning we took her to daycare. We have no answers yet except some sort of SIDS-type attack that happened at Daycare.


I will speak with you soon.


Please pray for Lillian





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