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A Huge Favor for Dark Sword Miniatures


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I'm speechless.


I don't know Jim or his family, but please let him know how sorry I am for his loss. His daughter was beautiful and he was blessed to have her in his life.


Such a terrible tragedy. I can't imagine what he and his family are going through. If anything happened like that to my little girls I would be devastated.


I'm sending my wishes for peace and love to him and his family.

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Wow. Words just fail at hearing this. My wishes and prayers go to them and I couldn't imagine the devastation they are going though.



The pictures show such a lovely child and I am grateful that at least they had a chance to say goodbye.

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I have posted a message on the Dark Sword forum ( off of their site) to let fans and customers know what is happening, please feel free to post there as well. Also, I urge all customers and fans to give them the time and space they need at this time and be patient with any orders or projects.

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