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Bishop Odo

New Fig, Frank Russo, ....

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Is it just me does Frank Russo, Mercenary Hero by Tom Mason, seem off somehow. Is it big hands, or the neck I’m not sure, he just seems wrong. I jsut noticed he has multiple heads, which is great. It could be the picture; I’ll have to check it out before I buy it. Anyone else have any more substantive comment?


Eden look like a great addition, now all we need is an Agent and the Fishburn’s Character.

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I don't know. I think he looks ok actually. I don't care for the alt. head thou (mask). I think the hands look proportionate to the rest of the body.


Eden thou I had take a second look at the one. Finally I seen the "bumps" between the guns. (then again the way the figure was styled, thought it was similar thou).


love the Chronoscope line!!



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