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Arena terrain pieces for Froggy

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Froggy and I are in the midst of a trade deal and he's letting me post pictures of the terrain pieces he's getting. I think it's just so he can see them too.


Way back I showed some of the same pieces but with blue marble. Those were mine, the ones below are his. Or will be once I finish building and painting them, and send them to him.






(Ignore the cat hair on that one)


And one with a Crusader for scale, and to show off the Crusader. Kinda.



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I've been busy, just not taking pictures. I keep waiting until the light is right, etc.


Bugger that.


Here's some pictures of the pieces that are completed. There's a number that have the stonework but not the decorative bits and some others that are built but not painted at all.







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Joshua - these are just arena dividers so you can make whatever you want. The Hirst Arts site calls this an arena set but they're just modular pieces.


Stubb - yeah. I'll get right on that. </sarcasm>


I'm pleased that the end is in sight because there's a heck of a lot of casting, building and painting to be done to make this set. The basic set is much, much easier. Go figure. And I take a lot longer painting them because I paint them like they were going to be mine. So that means going over the base coat with a little brush and getting all the nooks and crannies that were missed, etc. I know Froggy doesn't mind that at all!

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Nice work on these, Rastl! I know exactly what you mean about the casting necessary for this set--I only got a few pieces in when I tried to make it before I got distracted and moved on to other projects :down: --I'm inspired to go revisit some of those pieces now!

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