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PC, both low-level and Epic


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So this is a PC in one of my long-running games. The PC's name is Trog Dar, son of Norm. Nord Kegbreaker was one of the first minis I ever painted, but I figured we needed a new mini for TD since he's found his way into the land of Epic Levels, so I painted up Herryk.


Looking at them together, I was actually kinda surprised that the dwarves don't seem to have suffered much scale-shift...if you look at the lower 2000 series and more current figures in human and elf form, the old ones are teensy in comparison.


As always, C&C are welcome!



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Bruun-I have to admit, the game didn't actually go from 2nd level all the way to epic; we played from 2nd to about 7th, then took a break from the game. When the players reunited, we bumped the PCs to about 15th or so, then it happened again...so we've got a huge, epic story arc, and we know what all the characters were up to in the "lost levels," but we didn't actually play through all the levelling. But it's a lot of fun, because now all the players are scattered, so we have some really great times when we're actually able to have a reunion.


It's also cool because the PCs and a few NPCs are all parts of our various game worlds, since all of us run games now. It's pretty awesome.

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