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Elven Dryad (Linked due to full frontal nudity)

Stern Kestrelmann

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I had been looking forward to painting this sweet sculpt since I saw it in the "Greens" last year. Beautiful lines and balance on this model.


I add a few extra "details" that I felt needed to be added to give the model a bit more life (IMO). Thus, the linky linky... :;):






Elven Dryad 1


Elven Dryad 2


Elven Dryad 3


Elven Dryad 4


Elven Dryad Close-up

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ok, got several things. Overal the skin tones are very nice. I agree with everyone that the static grass works well. Couple of things that stand out to me though...


First, the nipples are a little too "bright". Or at least to quickly. they need to blend a little more.


And even though the skin tones are great... I also think it would look more convincing as a dryad coming out of the tree if ou were to blend in the tree colors into her skin tones in her legs.


But even with those thoughts, still looks pretty good.

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Hey thank for the feedback everyone.


The base work seems very popular, perhaps I could do a tutorial on my base work... :unsure:


Valloa- What ever! :poke: Your piece rocks too! But thanks for your kind words.


Stubbs- I gotta agree with you man... I had thought about trying to blend the line between her body and where it meets the tree, but was afraid I'd loose any contrast between the tree and the flesh... And yes, I am guilty of "Cartoon Nipples"... Too much contrast indeed, I was trying to "jewel" the paint to give them a little 3-D effect and got a litlte too excited in the process... :devil: Rest assured, I do appreciate your keen observations.



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