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So, why did John Bishop make the Galaxy Rangers theme start playing in the back of my head? :rolleyes:


It's funny, because that is almost the exact same thing I told Bryan yesterday afternoon when we were chatting.

I loved to watch that cartoon afterschool!


When I finally got the Galaxy Rangers theme out of my head, I looked over the Figure again...Now I'm stuck with the Bravestar theme :wacko:


I'm with Froggy here the Black orc doesn't do it for me...he just has this strong W.O.W vibe around It and I don't want my other orcs to catch on to it ::D:

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The half dragon is beautifully sculpted. I just find the dragon/human hybrid to be silly, hence, not for me.


The Black Orc having the W.O.W. vibe is an interesting point. We could fill pages with observations on what we think Orcs should look like, and our favorites.


I feel the same way about Ogres and Trolls. The new Cave Troll from Reaper is very "Where the Wild Things Are."

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