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Chronscope minis we'd like to see thread 2


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Ghost Hunters, I think Jason and Grant would be cool with that. Though to do the idea justice, Kris Williams would have to be included and done right :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:


Get the whole GH and GHI team in there. Yes, including Brian Harnois. But especially Amy Bruni! :blues:

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hawkmen (flash gordon)

robin hood's henchmen in space (baron's forces in Flash Gordon)

evil intergalactic overlord


1930 hispanics in flamboyant suits (zutsuits sp?)


I just want to second all this! I'd really enjoy some Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers inspired creatures and heroes! Also, I'd also love to see Pachucos in zoot suits too! But maybe its because I'm Mexican :D

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Santa Claus & Black Peter


Pecos Bill

John Henry





fat roller derby chick

a couple more boxers

Dudley Dooright and a Mountie



Victorian Gothic & Steampunk


Gaslight era robots

Springheeled Jack





Planet of the Apes

Zombie in Thriller outfit... no serious... Zombie Jackson... no I'm serious.

a big brain

African pygmy Zombies

Robbie Robot

Lost in Space, The Robot: Model B-9, Class M-3 General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Control Robot





Jack Skellington



headless horseman





Don Quixote and Sancho

Piped Piper with rat horde

Bill Sykes and Bullseye





The Spider


Solomon Cain


The Shadow

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Hockey players 6 different total 3 forwards/center, 2 defencemen, and a goalie, then a pack with nets and different heads and goalie masks.

Football players, if it was broke up by body type you could get 22 players in different poses with just torsos/legs as 1 piece than have extra heads and arms.

baseball players,

Race Car Drivers

any of the above could be from any era from the last 100 years .


More Indians, any year , any tribe , doing anything, fighting , cooking , biulding a tipi, hunting, playing hockey , anything.

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