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Chronscope minis we'd like to see thread 2


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What I'm looking for:


  • Gangsters - Not stereotypic just people who look like their in a gang
  • Hoodlums - Just guys in sweatshirts that look sketchy
  • Car Jackers/Mechanics - Guy in t-shirt with a crowbar or wrench in hand
  • Baldman in business suit that looks like a hitman
  • Security Guards - Wanna-be Cops with stunguns and pistols
  • Russian KGB/American CIA operatives
  • "Modern" People; T-shirt Jeans, Male and Female
  • Not-John Steed from the Avengers/Not Emma Peel from the Avengers
  • Man in a Suit
  • Man in a leather jacket
  • Generic People - Polo-shirt wearing guy, Guy in jeans, Girl wearing a sweatshirt
  • Tux Wearing Spy - for those formal missions
  • Femme Fatale in Evening Gown - same as before
  • Fancy Party Guests - for people for the formal party
  • Giant Monsters also known as Kaiju - Why not?

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Top Posters In This Topic

Groan.. I had to jump in on this one;) But I did want to add in, I love this line...


anyway... I mostly like modern or near modern figs:


I'd love some more modern military

I second the not-A-Team

A set called "Those Meddling Kids" i.e. a not-Scooby-Doo team of Teens and Dog

not-Ghost Busters (and some cool modern ghosts)

A set of bank robbers/professional hit team (in ski-masks and business suits)

Shadow Run esc figs

American Biker gang on Hawgs!!! Maybe different bodies and heads, and different sets of handlebars/fuel tanks

Biker Gang on racing bikes...

Undead bikers, both zombie and not-ghost rider versions...

Lots o' Ninja w/ different weapons/heads/etc. Both the Modern and ancient/fantasy

I second a not-Doctor Strange fig. Maybe a guy in a business suit and a wild cloak...


as for historically flavored figs...


I second having mounted versions of the Western figs

I'd love to see the prospector fig on a donkey

Undead cowboys mounted and unmounted.


I'm sure I'll come up with more later...

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Ok, here's a twisted idea --


How about a not-Patrick Swayve holding up a not-Jennifer Grey, like in that movie?


Or maybe a not-The Mythbusters ?



Ooooh I like the idea of Not-The Mythbusters.


As for my say, and this will come as a complete shock to all of you out there *sarcasm*, MORE NEKKID LADIES! Or nearly nekkid ladies. (see moniker if confused about my sarcasm)


Brigitte the Maid is great and so is Frauline but I want more . . . gimme gimme gimme! ::):


How about some Klockian Strippers? Oooh now there's a whole new idea! Steampunk Strippers!!!! Me thinks I need my drawing tablet!

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Steampunk Boiler Mechanic /

Mad Scientist's Assistant /

Victorian HazMat Technician, e.g:


A guy wearing goggles, up to the elbow protective gloves, respirator mask, maybe overalls, knee-boots . . . with a selection of tools or VSF 'gear' on an associated sprue. I kinda thought there was a guy like this but searching for mechanic and goggles didn't him turn up.


(This idea cropped up discussing ways and means with Meg in a snow effects thread. For the record: I won't be caught voting against "Klockian Strippers? . . . Steampunk Strippers" or other slighty naughty Victorian femmes . . . :wub: )

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I want to see some more cryptids, provided that they're not variations of Bigfoot or Nessie.

I'd personally would like to see:

Qupqugiaq - Sentient altruistic ten-legged Polar Bear.

Vietnamese Night Flyers - In 1969 three U.S. Marines claimed to have sighting three, naked, fur covered, flying female figures soar over their outpost, these creatures were later dubbed the Vietnamese Night Flyers. According to Norrine Dresser, author of American Vampires, the CIA captured and interrogated some night flyers.

The Gravedigger - A big tarsier-like ghoul LINK

Shunka Warakin - The American hyena LINK

Dover Demons LINK

Dobhar-chú LINK

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A janitor....


A guy in workshirt and workpants with an oval-shaped name patch on his chest and a push broom, maybe with a rag sticking out of his pocket and a spray bottle on his belt or something.


A set of workmen...


Similar to the above, but a set of three figures in hard hats - a phone repairman/cable guy with phone, tool belt and clipboard; a road crew worker with an orange vest and a flag or stop sign: and a generic handyman carrying a toolbox.

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more space opera (Star wars, star trek, high sci-fi fantasy) with fantasy creatures. I'm thinking the crew of a space ship made up of elves, dwarfs, and undead, Shadow Run figs.


Also keep making oppressor figures along with sliggs, variety is the spice of life

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I am still looking for some "not mass effect" minis, i still want to see my own "not spector" taking on hordes of "not Geth" or mercs, ect on my terrain table, With a full team not just two, maybe even some rules that capture Action-through-storyline essence of it all like a R.P.G./wargame.

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I'd like a few more modern or scifi towns people to use for npcs or objectives. Workmen/engineers, reporter, hostage, maybe a few general office worker types.

Some more non military robots would also be cool.

maybe some gonzo cyberpunk stuff, heavily wired up street samurai, some suits with overt cyber implants, and some sort of an evil computer the kind with big curved screens and maybe a creepy little robot puppet avatar.


and a not master blaster.



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Figures for 1930s Shanghai would be excellent. A few other people mentioned this, and I heartily agree.


I'd also like to see some 17th and 18th century figs, and not just pirates. Perhaps some fops with swords, or a weird colonial governor. Perhaps some eighteenth century women with gigantic powdered wigs. Maybe even a Frederick the Great or a Louis XIV. Things like that would be great fun to paint.

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