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Chronscope minis we'd like to see thread 2


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Oh heck, just say "Hey, have you guys thought of licensing pewter minis of GG characters?"


If you feel like it, add "I've had dealings with Reaper and they're awesome and reputable and employ really talented sculptors." And anything else you feel is relevant.


The Foglios are nice people, and probably would be tickled at the idea.

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Female Japanese figure in kimono with naginata.


SciFi cat people in uniforms and/or space suits with ray guns.


Not-Green Lantern superhero with big energy fist coming out of his ring.


Not-Batgirl/Huntress street level superheroine


Big head supervillian mastermind.


Hercules wearing Nemean Lion pelt.

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Let me prepare a list...


1. Please give a

Al Leong hair and a fu manchu 'stache.


2. An Urban Wizard with a staff, a revolver, a pendant, and a duster. Hat optional.


3. Spunky news reporter with microphone, a la April O'Neill or Kitty Norville.


4. Fetish-clad Hawk Man with mace and ray gun. Pose him so he can diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!


5. Elderly super hero or villain.



6. Bloodsport celebrity. He might hunt down a running man or play a dreaded ball game. His costume should be very 1980's.

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