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Chronscope minis we'd like to see thread 2


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Here is another list from my ADD rotted mind



Top hatted Chocolatier with a diminutive worker (70s version)

Post modern bio suit (à la Repo)

Ski-masked bank robbers

Small town mechanic in overalls with bad posture

Guy in straight jacket

White collar worker in shirt and tie with a coffee cup and a rifle (going postal ready)

Person in yoga lotus position

Pregnant women

Anthropomorphic characters (rabbits, ducks, mice, chicken, etc but careful not be too familiar).

Vehicles (bicycles, motorcycles, unicycles, kid on a big wheel)

Guy in a hot dog or cheeseburger suit.

People wearing sandwich board and/or holding signs.

Person who can be considered Climbing or Crawling (depending on how they are based)

Girl holding an open umbrella

Large robotic arachnid (possibly clockwork)

Crazy bag lady

Non-Professional Fisherman

Robot Pirate Ninja

Game Show Host or Stand-up Comedian wearing a suit holding a mic (Marty Flipman)

General George S. Patton

Fritz Huhnmorder, Dr Horrible or Dr. Phineas Waldolf Steel (can never have too many mad scientists)

Improvised Weapons pack (crowbar, stop sign, spray paint can, frying pan, weed trimmer, molotov cocktail, pipe, plunger)

Classical orchestra conductor in tux with tails

Time Traveler in his Time Machine

Another hat pack (top hat, baseball cap, football helmet, fedora, bobby, derby, Fez, chef’s toque)

50s/60s police man (aka not-Barney Fife)

50s Sock Hop dancers

Old West gold miner

Mid 20th century coal miner

Hula dancers

Prison inmate

Classic “Ratched” nurse

shipwrecked castaway (à la Tom Hanks and not Bob Denver)

More Tool bots with different gear and poses

Futuristic archaeologist

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One to add to the improvised weapons pack: A collapse-able sign ala slippery when wet, for those times when zombies invade the mall. Also a length of length of lead pipe and a tyre-iron would be sweet.


Also started work on some civilian/CDC/Radiation Hazmat Suited figures, if anyone has ideas to add for equipment etc for them don't hesitate to pm me. I plan to leave the hands open so you can add different weapons/tools/equipment. Plan to do one Male, one Female and maybe a kneeling figure. Pics soon.

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Space Zombies.


The Thing/ The Flood/ Necromprhs


The Thing/ Halo/ Dead Space



I'm also digging the not Alcard and Not Seras. Some modern Vampires to got with them would be cool too. Like a Evil Vampire priest.


Continuing the Vampire speel. Vampire Nazis are almost as cool as Zombie Nazies.

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Ditto. The Blackstar Privateers have their heavy weapons. I'd like to see squad types, but instead of a laser rifle, something similar to an automatic shotgun. With the powered armor they wear, I think they are the up close and personal types, and doubt they take cover and shoot from range. Let the NOVA troops play that role.

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There is a person in a wheelchair in the Superfigs line. Just doing a male and/or female in a wheelchair is not a bad idea. You could use it as a standard civilian or with a little modding make a Professor X or Oracle, as you suggested. Maybe a computer tech accesory pack to help out.

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