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Chronscope minis we'd like to see thread 2


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I wonder if a Civilian Accessory Pack is worthwhile. It could have a purse, briefcase, backpack, umbrella (Closed), a few bottles or other items to add to a civvie.

You could add newspaper, book, laptop, cell phone, tablet, and other stuff to that list too.

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Maybe a blister pack of items for use on bases for "Modern" minis.  The civvie accessory pack could be good for that.  But what if there were items specifically for basing, like broken bottles, trash, manholes, etc...?  A broken stump of a street lamp or parking meter.  Beer cans and fast food containers.  What else?

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I don't know if this is the correct place/forum for this topic or if it has been covered prior...but here is my " dream " list of figures that I would love to see Reaper produce.


1. Modern stripper/dancer set...they produced a zombie stripper set...how about a modern set?


2. Modern bikini babes set...walking, sitting, laying!


3. A mule with supplies...for Crazy Pete the Prospector!


4. A western sprue set containing...for example (cow skull head, cowboy hat, western saddle, rattlesnake, canteen with strap, rifle, etc.)...they produced fantasy weapons sets, steampunk extras, musical instruments, etc.!


5. A set of western sporting girls in bloomers...like the girls in the movie (UNFORGIVEN)!


6. A set of hot southern girls in daisy dukes, short coveralls...(a sexy southern gal without the elephant gun, a cute mechanic working on a car engine, bike, boat, a sexy carhop (like a Hooter girl)!


7. A set of biker babes...as an addition to the single biker babe that Reaper makes...and maybe a biker dude to sit on the motorcycle that Reaper makes!


8. A set (non press)...containing a modern photographer with SLR camera & 2 models!


9. A set of modern day lingerie females...sexy wearing beautiful lingerie items...maybe even an ornate mirror!


10. A fantasy set (clothing & era) of ladies of the evening...they produced the modern version!


11. Some non-fantasy/non-combat figures of interest (a painter/artist...an old fisherman...California girl in tank top/shorts on roller skates...etc)!


Does anyone out there agree with me...I feel that there are a lot of non-fantasy/non-combat miniature figures that I (as a miniature figure painter/collector) would love to see Reaper produce. I think Reaper is one of the best miniature figure lines on the market today and they could do a fantastic job on any/all the above miniature figures.


Paul (Catdancer)

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