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Chronscope minis we'd like to see thread 2


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Nikola Tesla

Leonardo da Vinci

Tesla with his Death Ray!

da Vinci piloting his Tank!



A mustached Private Dectective wearing a Hawaian shirt and shorts and a baseball cap armed with a .45 Automatic. A buff African American pilot with very short hair wearing a muscle shirt and BDU style pants. A suave looking dude in an early 80s style suit with no tie. A stuffy looking english gentleman in tropical dress with binoculars and an ascot.


I think you know what I'm looking for. :)


"Good God, Magnum!"


I second these. Great idea.

Ding, Ding...we have a winner!



- rosie the riviter


Rosie the Riveter: "We Can Do It!"



I don't know if it's been suggested but post-apocalyptic Humanoid Mutant animals. Modern, prehistoric, and dinosaur mutant humanoids

Like the turtles from the Origional comics not the cartoon ones. I think more minis like the Tigerian mercenary and the sabretooth tiger man would just be cool, Just with different animals.

P.S.I second the Science fiction style Fantasy races

And definately more aliens, cyborgs and robots.

Yes, ready for Gamma World please.

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Top Posters In This Topic

So tonight, I found myself assembling and painting cowboys and Deadlands figures. I loves me some cowboys... and it abruptly occurred to me that there are two figures I'd like to see that no one else makes.


1. Undead saloon girl. If only to cause bizarre speculation around the table as to how she makes her money. We've got Walkin' Dead, and we've got Harrowed, and the sculptors have done a fine job. Let's see an Undead Saloon Girl. I want to run a game where I do a surprise reveal on the table about the girl who's been leaning on one of the players...


2. Extremely zaftig saloon girl. Enough of these hourglass figures, sculptors. Give us one who's large and in charge!


I've noted that EVERY medieval and western line has hookers and saloon girls. But nobody carries THOSE, durnit.

Have you seen these?








Also this one with the feather boa.




Cattle skulls, and perhaps a cactus.


Been assembling and painting Western and Deadlands figures, and thinking, "You know, cactus and cattle skulls would sure spruce up these bases."



>> 2. An Urban Wizard with a staff, a revolver, a pendant, and a duster. Hat optional.


This would definetly be a welcome addition! Indeed, any sort of modern/urban fantasy figures would be cool.

Yes, and the Fairy Queens from Dresden, and the headliners from the White Council, and Mac, and Mouse, and Mister. Pretty much all of the characters would be wonderful.


You have to make Harry and Butters with T-Rex too!


Tall tales -


Paul Bunyan and Babe


Pecos Bill


Alfred 'Bullfrog' Stormalong


Joe Magarac


John Henry


The Murder Bull




Urban Legends -


The Hook


The Hitchhiking Ghost


The Escaped Lunatic (I am thinking of the version that ended up just helping the lady change her tire).


The Slender Man (a recent addition, that started on the Internet)



The Auld Grump, who is not an Urban Legend... so keep your windows barred....

Sure, plus Johnny Appleseed.


A mystery solving Great Dane and his gang of teenage underlings + their groovy van.


not-Horseclans minis


not-Phule's Company


not-Jane Yellowrock


not-Prince Roger and not-Bravo Company of the Empress' Own


not-Curran the Beast Lord of Atlanta in all three forms


not-City of Heroes and not-City of Villains


Also check with Steve Jackson Games about putting out the IST Super Teams.


I personally would like to see a Native American Superheroine, a winged weather witch--Thunderbird.


I have a slew of characters from COH/COV that would I be more than happy to give up all commercial rights to if they could be cast.


More power-armored Supers.

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I'd like to see more variants of existing miniatures:


Nine Suns Henchmen, kind of hard to just one henchmen, you know a budget Dr. Evil

Robots Police like "wink wink"  the new blade runner

Future agent, who lost his memory and Girl friend, even the ex-wife.

Female version of Han Solo

Future samurai

Anime hero bounty hunters in suits and female faye


Way to young to take serious Admiral who saves the race he wipes out and his sadistic teacher 

Cigar chomping female and male Starbuck space jocks

Robots with hands that are not armed as well as.

jumpsuit space farers

Far Future Nobleman and spouse

young adult and Child Hunger games victims or contestants

Space Cat warriors

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Any of you watch Super Fun Night? Great show, always gets Queen stuck in my head, and Rebel Wilson is awesome~! It makes me sad that they probably aren't going to pick it up for another season. ::(:


Anyway, I would like "not" versions of Rebel Wilson as Kimmy in one of her snazy lawyer outfits, as Frankenstien's wife from the end of the Halloween episode (where she sang Monster Mash... seriously, awesome show), as Christine from Phantom of the Opera from the end of Valentines episode, and her in the leather outfit from the music number at the end of the last episode (where they sang Fat Bottomed Girls... so awesome!).


For one thing, we need more large ladies in the Chronoscope line and for another, she's awesome! (fourth use of the word there, how much awe can she inspire?!) ^_^

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I did a search and couldn't find reference for Post-Apocalyptic folks. Think bikers from the Road Warrior movies. Also mutants would be good. I'm thinking of minis my friends and I could use for Gamma World. Sure I have the tokens from the 4E ruleset kits, but minis always rock over tokens or other PC/NPC stand-ins (like unused dice)

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A chimpanze in a space suit (either realistic or more Planet of the Apes humanoid).


A not-Ultraman figure.


Teenage superheroes.


An andriod superhero (male and/or female)


A western figure with a cut down "mare's leg" rifle (a not-"Wanted Dead or Alive" Steve McQueen).


More Wild West Indian figures.


Post Apocolytpic mutants (three eyes, tentical arms, extra limbs, etc.)

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