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Chronscope minis we'd like to see thread 2


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Residential robots, for manual house labor. And maybe some commercial manual labor robots too.


Who in their right minds would give a robot a gun? :blink:



I'd like to see more variants of existing miniatures:


Nine Suns Henchmen, kind of hard to just one henchmen, you know a budget Dr. Evil

Robots Police like "wink wink"  the new blade runner

Future agent, who lost his memory and Girl friend, even the ex-wife.

Female version of Han Solo

Future samurai

Anime hero bounty hunters in suits and female faye


Way to young to take serious Admiral who saves the race he wipes out and his sadistic teacher 

Cigar chomping female and male Starbuck space jocks

Robots with hands that are not armed as well as.

jumpsuit space farers

Far Future Nobleman and spouse

young adult and Child Hunger games victims or contestants

Space Cat warriors


Both of these bring up the idea of a robot "kit" with lots of parts to build whatever you want.

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William Shatner. Be it as Captain Kirk, Officer TJ Hooker or Denny Crane, I don't care.


Maybe a whole set called "Convention Guests"?  The Captian, The Vampire Hunter, The Comic Book Artist, etc.


Also, a scientist in a wheel chair.  (Hawkings for modern, not-Strangelove for 50's/pulp, some "bald guy" for future/supers, or a not-Loveless for Steampunk/pulp)

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A line of prominent Gangsters and Molls from the Prohibition Era.  Also some of the prominent Law Enforcement personnel of the era.  Would prefer these be sculpted from photos of the real people rather than their movie versions.

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