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Chronscope minis we'd like to see thread 2


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Just adding another request for ShadowRun Style minis...seems very hard to find these, and the old ones...well 90% are terrible.


 They do have a couple that work well for Shadowrun... But we could definitely use more.



50287 Caine, Cyber-Troll

50064 Briony, Cybertechnician

50013 Willie Brassbender

50040 Janus, Cybertech Hero

50048 Eden, Cybertech Heroine

50071 Kelly, Corporate Assassin


 There's several others that work great for more generic-looking characters like mercenaries, NPCs or guards - particularly the Nova Corp figures.

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  1. Jedi & Sith Style Miniatures
  2. CAV, 28mm Infantry
  3. CAV, 10mm Terrain pieces
  4. *CAV, 28mm Scale Terrain Piece
  5. CAV Master Series Miniatures: Pilot in Cockpit



1. Jedi & Sith Style Miniatures

  • I would like to see Reapers take on Jedi... Similar in the attempt that Hasslefree Miniatures did with the "Mystic Warrior"
  • Armored and unarmored.
  • Different weapon types: Duel, staff, single, double, etc.


2. CAV, 28mm Infantry

  • It would nice to see multiple (packs of 3, maybe) from each army.


3. CAV, 10mm Terrain pieces

  • ​It would be really nice to have terrain made by reaper for reaper Cav!
  • Buildings, Craters, etc. -Possibly made from Bones so it more cost effective.


4. *CAV, 28mm Scale Terrain Piece

  • Type 1: Standard - buildings, giant wrecked pieces of CAV, etc.
  • Type 2: A giant mech foot (or feet): The theory is if the game switches over to a 28mm scale game we would actually represent the GIANT ROBOTS on the battlefield.
    • Additionally to the above, you imagine Initiative could also allow you to crush an enemy solider.
      • Move giant foot over target, Once all movement is complete the defender has to make a saving roll to see if he jumps out of the way... :)


5. CAV Master Series Miniatures: Pilot in Cockpit.

  • It would be really nice paint up a piece of a pilot standing in his cockpit/hanging out of it. Opened up and all. 
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  1. More Malvernis Soldiers
  2. More Rach Soldiers
  3. More Kulathian Invaders
  4. More Cyber-Reavers
  5. More non-CAV Fighting Robots


1 - 3: These are interesting aliens in short supply in terms of poses, weapon choices, etc. Having just one of these guys (or just three of the Kulathians) makes him a monster of the week in any ongoing game. But having multiples or sets of these guys allows us to create interesting armies for wargaming and an ongoing threat for RPGs.


4. Ditto here. Having a few alternate weapons or larger, more formidable versions of the Cyber-Reavers would be fun.


5. Most of Reaper's non-CAV machines appear to be servants of some sort, or CAV rejects. I would like to see more dangerous robots in general. Stuff you might see in a Robocop movie, for instance. Something that actually looks dangerous.

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1. More Malvernis troops.

  • Alternate pose Soldiers
  • Heavy Weapon Soldier with laser chaingun
  • Heavy Weapon Soldier with plasma cannon
  • Dual-wielding Pistoleer
  • Malvernis Sniper
  • Malvernis Berserker with bladed gauntlets (think Baraka's blades with a Wolverine ready-to-lunge pose)

2. Shadowrun characters

  • Street Samurai with SMG and katana
  • Decker with revolver and datapad (cyberdeck)
  • Mage in trenchcoat with spell effects in one hand and a sawed-off shotgun in the other
  • Troll in wifebeater and jeans with a flamethrower
  • Orc/half-orc in business suit with a handgun

3. Vehicles - not really Reaper's thing, but it'd be nice to have appropriately scaled vehicles (from classic to futuristic)

  • Flashy sportscar
  • Pickup truck
  • Van
  • Humvee

And...well, just more of everything.

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I'd just like to see men and women in nondescript longsleeved tunics... and long trousers... with shoes or boots. Some would be looking at palmtop gadgets. One would be looking at his flip phone. And a couple would be holding zap guns.

And entirely what starship they were the crew of would be entirely dependent on my paintbrush...

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