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Kassandra, Mercenary Sgt.

Stern Kestrelmann

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Okay, managed to get her finished this afternoon. I've been wanting to get this one painted up since it was released back in 2006. Very cool sculpt... Limited myself to a four color pallette (not including the base) on this one... Lots of details on this little beauty. I'd let her eat crackers in my WL campaigne anytime... :devil:


Comments and suggestions welcome.








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Thanks for the kind comments all.


Yo Thasia! Well, she's multi-part as you know. I'd suggest pinning the sword arm, but not the lower leg part, to small and tough an angle to pin properly (IMO). As far a a strategy for painting this one... Well, I painted her in this order...


1. Flesh, face, hair (she has the top of two scabbards amongst her hair, so watch for those as you work on the hair)


2. Sword blades (these are at strange angles, so be prepared to twist and turn the model as you paint)


3. Cape and scarf. (I decided that the cape and scarf were of separate material)


4. Leathers (I tried for a greyish black leather)


5. Armor (lots of options here)


6. Other details (the metal work on the scabbards can be tough to reach) She also has a cool belt pouch with a nice little clasp on it (fun to paint)


7. Base work


8. Dullcote (2 applications)


Hope this helps.


Paint on!



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Thanks all.


dewen- Okay, let's see something in the WIP section! ::P:


Randy- always good to hear from you...


bd- Very simple color mix. Scorched Earth Brown (GW) mixed 3:1 with Dark Flesh (GW). Then add white to the mix sparingly as you highlight up. Watery Scorched Earth wash with maybe some muted highlights added post wash. Simple eh? Just thin your paints and all will be well... :poke:


Ironhammer- Usually I take a couple of tight shots of her face, but I can't find any in my pic files. This one is as close as I got. Tell you what, I'll shoot a couple of close-ups tonight and post here.




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