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Terran powerhouse CAVs (or vehicles)

Forlorn Hope

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Hey everyone,


I took a break from CAV when SGT Crunch moved away (how is with you, Crunch?), but I have recently found someone else who likes the game. I am supplying both sides for now, as I have just finished painting a Terran force, but it was a little bit thrown together from the bargain deal a friend got.


I am also still figuring out how the army works (I am playing the Terrans, and my friend is playing the Forlorn Hope Mercenaries/Ritterlich). So I was hoping some of the Terrans on here would list some/one of their most useful models on the board along with some notes as to why. As far as Syram and Mitso-Ta, I find the Falcon has tons of bang for the buck, and am having a hard time not getting lots more.



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Generally speaking, SyRam models are designed with versitially in mind (working well against both hard and soft equally). Of course, this means they also don't excel either. On the other hand, Mitsu-Ta is more focused against hard targets. M-T model are unforunately slower on average.


So you're gonna want to go with M-T models like the Ronin and the Archer. The Ronin while exspensive is well worth the cost. Strong survivability (8DTs), heavy anti-hard cannons and a IFM worthy of a fire support model. The Archer's PBGs provides a desent punch at a excellent range. Both have a Mov of 8 so the can keep pace with the SyRam Falcon.


The SyRam Thunderhawk would also be a good choice as it would increase your section's range with its PBGs and DFMs.


I perfer versitially over specialization I go with more SyRam model.


My favorite platoon is

Two 'hawk Vs for general purpose attacks

a 'hawk VI for the added heavy punch

a Regent for fire support (offensive as well defensive with its Counter-barrage)

a Talon for general EW

and a Raptor II for AA and backup EW


While its an expensive section (nearly 2000pts) it can handle nearly any kind of threat.

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Was wondering were you disappeared to. Haven't played much since moving, just one game with one of my sons.


For the Terrans, I'd go with the Starhawk VI, Ronin, Falcon, and Katana. The Thunderbird, while nasty, limits your force if you're playing less than 3000 points IMO. Don't forget the Naginata. It's rare for a tank as it has two PBG attack that are pretty effective.

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- Thunderbird: Unless you are very experienced, I would not suggest fielding more than one until you get to the 3k+ point level. It uses up a lot of points, but it can dish out plenty of damage at range. Use as much terrain/cover as possible in order to keep enemy from drawing LOS to it while bombarding them with IFMs. Maintain as much distance between you and enemy. When enemy gets close, switch over to PBGs. They can operate by themselves, but are best with a 'screen' (think of it like an aircraft carrier at the center of a battlegroup with a destroyer screen) and/or supporting units (Talon, Raptor, Armored Infantry/Engineers).


- Starhawk VI: Versatile CAV that is decent against all types of targets (Multi-role capability). All weapons are DA, don't be afraid to fire everything at once. If you can get in close to an enemy CAV/tank with a Run 'n Gun, the VI can unload everything w/o much reduction to chance of hitting (just make sure you don't over extend yourself).


- Talon: IMO the best Recon CAV available. It has all the electronics a recon model needs with average DA weapons (for recon). However, its IFM can be a shock to opponents, as it has Piercing. It is not designed to go toe-to-toe with other CAVs/tanks, but will work wonders as a sniper. If points/space allow, best to field in pairs.


- Raptor/Raptor II: Decent for a 'light' fire support CAV, its main role is as an AA platform (especially in your fire support section). With the change to the Regent, the Raptor now has to fill the CAV AA role for the Terrans.


- Ronin: The Ronin is the 'heavy hitter' CAV for Terrans. Use cover to your advantage as you manouver towards the enemy heavies. The IFM can come in handy at times, but it's the GCs that are dangerous.


Terran CAVs are decent-good by themselves, but they are best when working together/with other models.


As far as vehicles: Wolf and Dingo.

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