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Dragon Snack Games opens in Mt Morris, NY

Dragon Snack

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Dragon Snack Games opens in Mt. Morris


Dragon Snack Games announces their grand opening. Dragon Snack Games is located at 42 Main Street at the intersection of routes 408 and 64 in the heart of Mt Morris.


Dragon Snack Games is set up to carry a wide range of board games, collectible card games (including Magic: the Gathering), gaming miniatures (including Reaper Miniatures), and roleplaying games (including Dungeons and Dragons).


Dragon Snack Games offers value added services as well as gaming products. There are tables set up for in store gaming and even a table set aside with paints for the miniatures that you buy there. Demos, paint and takes, and game days are planned and Dragon Snack Games will fully support local gaming conventions such as Running GAGG (at SUNY Geneseo).




Dragon Snack Games is a full service game store, with available space for in store gaming. It’s products span the gaming genre, including board games, collectible card games, miniature games, and roleplaying games.


Dragon Snack Games is owned by Dean H Smith. He has worked in the gaming industry as a demo representative for Reaper Miniatures since 2003 (running events at local conventions, as well as Gen Con, the premier national gaming convention), in addition to doing play testing for various companies.

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Thanks all!


Despite long hours of staring at the walls (I don't have internet in the store yet!), I'm above my projected first months sales (I did a soft open first). Running GAGG (a local Con) put me over the top last weekend, but I still have room to grow though. The bad thing is, my best sellers are 2E AD&D and $1 bin DDM commons and uncommons. One that's out of print and another that's about to have it's distribution changed...


And yes, I'm still conflicted about not being able to go to Gen Con should the store take off, but I have to get it there first, so it's back to work for me!

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Congrats on opening your store! One thing that I really appreciate about my FLGS is that they have a stock of cold drinks and snacks that are not unreasonably priced. They have a small fridge that they keep stocked. It is a nice service and makes them a small profit as well.

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