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I am literally YEARS late on a mini exchange


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So, a a year or two ago I was participating in a miniature exchange on this esteemed forum. This coincided with my dropping out of warlord as well as the reaper community. My mini never got mailed. Between my absence from this forum, and moving several times, I let it slip through the cracks. Today I found it (a bit worse for wear) in a box of miniatures stuff. I feel absolutely terrible.


The way I figure it I owe some people some miniatures as well as an apology.


I can't imagine how I must have frustrated those who were involved. Something like that can really sour a positive experience.


If I'm not mistaken the exchanges were run by cutebutpsycho. Is she still around? I'm not sure where to start when it comes to straightening this out, so I'll just ask. Who do I need to be mailing stuff to? The way I figure it I owe her a present as well as my original recipient and who ever painted to pick up my slack.




Folks, I am really quite embarrassed, I never meant to let you guys down.



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Yup, I'm still around.


As far as who you were painting for, I honestly have no clue. As far as how it was resolved-again I have no idea. In all honesty, I stopped doing mini exchanges. Since the last time I did an exchange, my hard drive had to be wiped, along with any of the information I had in the past.


On another note, I would like to welcome you back. Feel free to stay a while and let us know what you've been up to......

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Greetings, thanks for the explanation. While I was disappointed that I did not receive my exchange, I completely understand how real like can get in the way of things. I have recently had some family issues that have prevented me from doing anything that is hobby related, trust me I understand....no apology needed. Anyway, glad to see you back and hopefully I can get back to painting too.


John Lee

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