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Divebot, Giant Bat, Two Detectives

Froggy the Great

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These minis are very nice. If there were ever a game that would employ them all, I would sign up in a heartbeat.


I played a game a few years ago that could have used all these figs. It was called Rifts by Palladium. My group broke up long ago but I had a blast playing that game, Oh and I agree on the bat it looks terrific Froggy, and again thanks for some ideas, it happens to be the fig. I'm currently working on.

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Cool minis!


As always.


...The Pteradon obviously does not realise that smoking is what caused the Dinosaur extinction.

Nah, he has a beak, not lips. How's he gonna get any suction off that pipe? Clearly he's no smoker; I'd say it's merely an affectation, most likely used in order to compensate for the fact there's just no possible way to get a deerstalker cap over that crest...



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