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Alien Walker and Tribeaker Autofrotz

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Made from nails, VCR parts, drywall anchors and a vending machine bubble.

Doom comes...on four spindly feet.



If you're actually a mad roboticist or mad parapsychologist, that is still no excuse for neglecting the frothing beakers and the jacobs' laders. I mean come on man, we have standards! Made from random hardware and heroClix bases.


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I love your creativity and imagination. You need to start your own comic, animated series, or something else primo cool.

I agree - a webcomic where you use photos of your creations would be awesome. Take a look at any of the lego comic sites for what I mean.

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Hi Froggy,

for the clear dome of your walker, you might consider the following:

1) Submerge in Future acrylic floor polish

2) Drain and dry right-side-up.

My experience is that it makes clear plastic more transparent (possibly by improving the index of refraction, but I'm not sure).


Just a thought.......

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