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Trolls vs Elves

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Hey ladies and gents, here with a small update. The cork has been layered over with a thin sheet of Paperclay, and the sides smoothed down a bit (that needs more work). Next is to sculpt a gentle hill on the elves side and cover most of the piece in sand. I'm aware that it looks sort of bad now, but I'm confident it'll come together well. Here's to hoping.


In other news, tomorrow I'll pick up some of the figs, including the one I already mentioned.


-Maybe Nienna

-Maybe Elladan

-Probably Alistrilee

-Definitely Dire Troll


Does anyone have any advice for an elf leader? I was thinking 32mm Andrea Ithandir, but his pose doesn't fit with the DTM. Something either charging, or slowly, confidently walkin

g towards the troll. The 54mm Ithandir would be great, but it's too big.


 Thanks for looking!



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If you want a chick leading, I would go with 14322: Callindra, Mercenaries Captain.

If you want a walking "Come get some" elf, I would go with 14046: Ardynn, Elven Hero

If you want a "Onward my legion of Elven badasses!", I would go with 14305: Javolith, Darkspawn Captain (alt) with some modding.

My personal favorite is 02934: Wood Elf King though. He looks as good as the other minis, he has a sick weapon, and you can tell he is a leader just by glancing at him. I think he would be a perfect fit.


Just my opinions. Take em for what they are worth. :)

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Thanks for the comments guys. Bigs, I love all of the choices, they are all so close, but IMO they are missing something. For some reason they just seem too static. Ardynn would be perfect if his feet were in a walking motion, the Darkspawn would be also if his sword was pointed differently, and the wood elf king, well, he's just too static. Thanks so much though, you've really shown me what I want, and thanks for taking the time.

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This is going to be awesome when you're done, I can't wait. If you want some really active elves, I'd suggest using 03004: Dorva, Female Dark Elf by Werner Klocke. It's a fun model, and it's posed oddly enough that if you wanted to hack off the base, there's plenty to be creative with. Others to consider might be :

02543: Elladan, Elf

02735: Baerwyn, Elf Archer

02834: Deladrin, Assassin

02909: Nienna, Elf Ranger

14066: Danithal, Elven Warlord

14217: Meridh, Elven Sergeant

02998: Dorian Starbow, Elf Hero

Best of luck with this.

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Good Morning! Well, I have been thinking all night about that Andrea fig, and I just got out my ruler. I took a few of my elves, or standard human types and measured them.


Damar, young mage: 36mm

Toshiro: 31mm

Dub Bullock: 37mm


I think Damar is an elf, but the other 2 are human. When put beside an elf figure, these look only a tad bigger. And I believe that as leader maybe she should be a bit bigger, just as the troll leader is their biggest. I'll see how scaling works out. Hell, maybe I'll buy it anyway even if I don't use it. ::P:

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Sorry, I fell off the ball for a few days, but here I am with 4 new pics. Actually, more work has been put into the elf since, but hey.





Anywho, Talathlar will keep to that chesnut and green mix and I have some ambitios gold freehand planned for the cape. Note to self: You do NOT agree with most VMCs. I'm going for a softer light on the elf, since it's a more realistic, less zenithal white light.




The troll here has been lightly sanded with 200 then 400 grit, then glued, let to dry for about an hour, then greenstuffed. Sculpting is by far my worst area, so I'd really appreciate some comments on that. After the GS dries, I'll heavily sand the whole piece and flush it with the metal. Not shown in the pics: The mane, the head, and the fangs.


Thanks for looking!

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Ok, done the sanding and put him all together. Next step is round two GS. I put a fig next to the troll to show you his hugeness, that fig is a pc for Dnd, my old sorcerer. A 25 minute paintjob, lol. Anywho, I am still reserved about the quality of the gap filling, but I guess it'll wait till primer.




The elf, I decided on a different take for. I figured to really make him fit in with the fall theme I'd paint his cloak an orange red, red orange, whatever you call it. =P. The freehand was inspired by Kaya on Privateer's Hordes front page. Still rough. I am still keeping with the soft light the

me, so I left the highlights at an early stage.




Cloak basecoated 50-50 Bright Red-Chestnut, Shaded with red liner, highlighted with lemon yellow. Freehand based in amber gold and a bit of fiery orange, up to linen, down to brown liner.

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Nice to see some paint slapping going on! The elf is coming along nicely--very good freehand on the cape. The lemon yellow I think will look good, but coverage looks to be an issue. Are you adding the yellow to the base coat color or thinning it down a bunch and glazing it on? It seems a wee bit streaky in spots, particular on the back side. The face looks very good and the gemwork on the belt is spot on.


We'll have to see how the primer looks, but I think you will have a noticeable gap at the waistline and a ridge along the spine where the GS is not quite flush with the skin. It will be subtle, but I think present.

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