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Trolls vs Elves

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OK, so I had an epiphany, but I might have had it already and posted it, so if I  did then I guess it's not an epiphany. Anywho, since my GS on the dire troll sucks so bad, I'll make thespots scars. Some glazes of imperial purple and some pink will do nicely. I have here the troll basecoated and his mouth largely done. The second pic is with high contrast, because that's where the light is from.



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Yeah, thanks for the replies. Pyreos: the GS isn't visible in the pics, but this guy came in like 9 parts. The head, both fangs, the mane, 2 halves of torso, both arms, and the legs. It's most noticable on the arm and torso jjoint, where there's some 'puckering' which actually looks like it could be a mangled wound. In a couple of hours I'll post more angles.

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Sweet! Glad to see this one back on track. The elf looks good, but the pics are pretty small, so it's tough to make critiques. The highlighting from what I can tell is looking good. I might suggest taking the shading on the blade just a tiny bit darker. The armor itself look pretty uniform; I'm not sure if you are just early on in the painting process or if the photo is washing it out.

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Thanks Jab. That elf is giving me headache... you may have noticed I mainly paint big bruisers, I hate the fiddly bits. I'll look into him more. Onward! Here I've painted the troll's left hand, it's in an early stage. It needs a few more glazes to smooth it out and remove the blotchy bits, but iI'm happy. I have a killer cold, so I'm just glad to be painting. Just for reference, from here on in i will be referring to my troll skin as, you guessed it, troll skin. Here's the recipe, once and for all, for those who care.


-Basecoat Ultramarine Highlight, two to three layers for smoothness.

-Add a drop of bright red, and juice that into the shadows until you have a decent shade.

-Add another drop, and shade a smaller area.

-Add a drop of grey liner, actually more like a half drop, and do a tiny area.

-Highlight: Add a drop of ghost white to three drops of the basecoat. Highlight with very thin coats.

-Add another drop, highlight smaller.

-Add another drop, small line of highlight.

-To smooth the blends, glaze of basecoat.


Ok, any questions, feel free to ask.



Oh, and Pyreos, the second pics shows the bad GS. Right beneath the shoulder.

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Face done in troll skin, goiters painted in brown liner and a bit of anti shine additive. I'm really proud of the face, I feel that he really looks pissed. I strengthened the red tones just a bit around his face goiters. Eyes are just a dot of linen white. Hand still needs blending. Hair was done with a basecoat of 2:1 violet liner:imperial purple, highlighted up to bright red, and then added a bit of VMC lemon yellow.




Comments, concerns, questions?

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First thing I pictured when I saw the image above was a little girl holding a toothbrush out to this raging troll.



Is the face done on the troll? It is kinda hard to see from the one shot, but from the front, it looks like the left side of his face has a lot more red on it then the other. Maybe it's just the angle.


Awesome work so far. Looking mighty fine. Keep em comin.

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Hey, demonelf!


I haven't checked these boards in some time, but I logged on for the first time yesterday and today in several months and it's great to see that you've been keeping at it. I feel you've definitely improved since the last time I looked at your work. All of these guys look great! I especially like the Talathlan and the Troll spear-chucker. They look great!

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Man, the troll took a nasty tumble today while I was cleaning my paint table. Paint chipped off his left fang and his hair, but luckily I can repair it. Lots of almost-done shades and highlights done on the skin. I'm pretty proud of his left arm. The right arm is halfway there, but needs a ton of cleanup. Not a big fan of the sculpt of the back, namely the two lumpy muscles, 

but hey.




Comments? Critiques?

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