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Trolls vs Elves

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Coming along great! The teeth and claws are spot on--nice and nasty-dirty. The left arm looks very good as well. The highlighting (especially on the palm) is awesome.


/nitpick mode

My only critique on the left hand would be the pinky side of the palm; the shade is a bit abrupt and needs just a hint of smoothing. It looks a little to "vertical" in the pic as well. The palm at that point is more curvy, so I'd also bring in a bit of your basecoat and perhaps a wee bit of highlighting as well at the top of the muscle group nearest the wrist.

/nitpick mode off

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Thanks mercoutlaw and Jab! I totally agree Jabberwocky - the shade is too 'quick' in some areas. That I'll change. Thanks for the tip, I knew something was off. Ok, here's my news. I'm going to work for a month,, and I won't be painting. Then I get back, stay a week, and go off one more week. So as of today.... I have two weeks to finish! Good thing I'm a good crunch worker. Thanks to all who posted, you help me so much. And I will see you all on about the 27th of July.

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haven't kept up on this one, but I love what you've done with the trolls. Epically the way the purple & blue goes together so well.


Eventually I wanna get & paint up a trollblood. I'm just not sure which one I really like to do that, ha ha.



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I just saw this thread so my input is too late to be useful, so for what it's worth:


When the best European pastry chefs in the world decorate round cakes, they put the focal point in the upper right quadrant (2 o'clock). This was relevant to your initial round base design. Apparently some pastry scientist figured out that the eye starts looking there, then travels counter clockwise back to the focal point.


Another thing that comes to mind is the Fibonacci Nautilus Shell spiral that's used in the composition of fine art paintings on canvas. http://www.sacredarch.com/sacred_geo_exer_shell.htm

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