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Krystal Keep CAV battle


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Saturday a group of us got together at The Krystal Keep in Kettering, Ohio. The main event was a three-way battle, each team with three players. Each player was allowed only one section and had 2,500 points to create it.


Team 1 (Templar Force): Jeremy (Black Rose), Sethohman (Templar), and papabees (Templar)




Team 2 (Rach Force): Castebuilder (Rach), Outkast (Rach), and bluethunder (Malvernis)




Team 3 (Ritterlich Force): wal enalut (Ritterlich), mchandler (Ritterlich), outek (Terran)



The field of battle



And some cows



More pics later.

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I'd say those cows are up to something.

I had fun with the cows. One IA barrage just missed one of the herds, and prompted a couple jokes about the amount of "methane" that cuased tthe cows to release. Later in the game, another one of my barrages went terribly off course. All it landed on was another herd of cows. I demanded that Blue Thunder give me a DV for the herd so I could try and blow it up. I missed the roll, but it was fun to try.

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More pics.


Terran Section



Ritt Section



Rach (Castlebuilder) vs. Ritterlich (Mchandler)



Black Rose (Jeremy) advance towards the Ritts (wal enalut)



Templars (Papabees) engaging Malvernians (Bluethunder)


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A Ryoshi crewman's view of the 'Rhino Wall' as they are engaging Sethohman's Templar.



Terran Engineer's view of T-Bird preparing to fire against Castlebuilder's Rach



Castlebuilder's Rach after receiving initial T-Bird barrage



Castlebuilder's Rach after suffering second T-Bird barrage



MercNet crew reporting from atop a building



And for Sethohman... :blush: He got in a gunfight against wal enalut's Rhinos right before getting hit by a barrage from the T-Birds. [foreground]


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It's official...I hate you all! JUST KIDDING, guys, but I do envy for that most awesome battle! Gods, I hope I can make it next time. Great pics, looks like you guys had a blast.


We're going to try and get something together for Indy in the next few months. Sethoman said he was in given some notice and I bet we could coax Bluethunder over.

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Did you have any ECM units? I didn't see any in the pics.


Yes he did, but it did not survive the initial 'targeted' barrage against Castlebuilder. He also had a counter-battery unit, but could not crack my armor.


The T-Birds' targets were:

- Turn 1: Outkast's Rach (Castlebuilder got clipped, but was not intended target.) Target point: Kahn

- Turn 2: Sethohman's Templar. Target point: Duellist

- Turn 3: Castlebuilder's Rach. Target point: Jackal

- Turn 4: Castlebuilder's Rach. Target point: Emperor

- Turn 5: (IIRC) Papabees/Sethohman's Templar: Target point Gladiator III

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